At tonight's meeting, we discussed the possibility of terminating the
non-organization known as the Rochester Anarchist Forum, in order to
make room for new, better-organized efforts. It seems pretty dead, at
this point. Anyone interested in the issue should come to next week's

Equal Grounds
750 South Ave.
Wednesday, 7:30 PM

Please note that the rochester-anarchists mailing list and are independent of RAF, and will remain operational.

-Chris (A)

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I'll be giving a presentation on market anarchism and local currencies at this week's Rochester Anarchist Forum. I'll talk about the various schools of thought that make up market anarchism, how market anarchist strategy can be incorporated into our present efforts to build a free society, and how local currencies fit into this. Discussion to follow.
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Albany Skill Share, 9/23, all day long


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Albany Skill Share
Saturday, Sept. 23rd.
8 Elm St.
Website with Last Year's Pics

The Albany Skill Share is an annual workshop
series whose goal is to facilitate interactive and
hands-on workshops at low or no-cost to participants.

We attempt to hold a wide array of workshops
covering various topics in a safe setting for
evryone. Our general theme tends towards issues of
self-sustainability but we do offer workshops
covering many other topics and skills.

The theme of our second annual skill share in
Albany is the human body. Most of the workshops
will revolve around physical, mental and social

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Screening of Soma: an Anarchist Therapy and Workshop

Screening of Soma: an Anarchist Therapy and Workshop

Hungerford Bldg Gallery Space
Door 7, 1115 E. Main Street

Wednesday, July 12 7pm-9:30pm

Call 585-305-1594 for more info

Soma: An Anarchist Therapy (DVD shot in Brazil subtitles in English)
difficulty walking and half-blinded from torture by the Brazilian
dictatorship, 79 year old Roberto Freire continues to develop
completing his life's work. Incorporating the ideas of Wilhelm Reich,
politics of anarchism, and the culture of the martial art / dance
angola, Soma is used by therapists organized in anarchist collectives
fight the psychological effects of authoritarianism.

more info:

Workshop Description:

Nazis Vs. Zapatistas: Struggles Against Co-optation

The workshop examines philosophies, structures and psychology,
comparing authoritarian models to those that are consensual,
communitarian or autonomous. Informed by Zapatista principles, the
workshop develops a skill set for identifying, challenging and
defeating the authoritarian tool of co-optation.

more info:



Those interested in a new Rochester anarchist group, contact Chris:
489-5796 or chrispowers at riseup dot net

Anarchist Meeting: Part Deux

Last thursday's meeting went well. 8 anarchists showed up, and we're excited about getting some projects/actions going. We'll be having weekly meetings on wednesdays at 7:30 pm, starting this wednesday. We're aiming for a mixture of theoretically and practically oriented discussion, as well as some social/fun stuff.

This week we'll be at Java's (16 Gibbs Street). If you're interested in further updates, join the mailing list.