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Update on the Nazi Rally and Counter-Protest

After some further discussion and speculation, our revised estimate for the number of Nazis that will be showing up in Buffalo is about 15-30, including groupies. A couple different groups will be showing up to oppose them, so hopefully we'll have a decent turnout.

I'll be outside the Village Gate plaza from 12:30-1pm on saturday, and I'll depart from there, along with anyone who cares to join. Contact me if you want to meet, or want directions to where the counter-protest is happening. If I don't hear from anyone beforehand, I'll just skip the Village Gate and head directly to Buffalo.
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libertarians, free-marketers, in Rochester?

Are there any libertarians, or people who are for libertarianism, or propertarianism, here? In Rochester? I just came back from the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and am really excited about talking with, and exchanging ideas with, fellow libertarians. I'm trying to start a sort of group meeting for Rochester-libertarians (I'd consider myself the most radical of that group, anarcho-capitalist or propertarian).

Basic Principles of Anarchism

There's been discussion recently in anarchists about the common misconception that "anarchy is chaos" and ways to address it. Someone posted a pamphlet which does a good job of dispelling the common myths about anarchy and anarchists, as well as outlining our basic ideas. It's laid out for printing, so if you want to hand it out to people, make double-sided copies and fold them into book form. If you read it on a computer, you'll have to read in zig-zag fashion. Just follow the page numbers.
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Hey all,

I've introduced myself in the past, but I am currently a libertarian who is investigating anarchist philosophy. I am posting this to this community as it's the only anarchist one I'm currently a member of, and want to get some additional input from people other than two friends and a sibling.

I have a question for the primitivists (if there are any here), who I think have the strongest real (not just philosophical) evidence for their arguments, given the history of human society. I may have gross innaccuracies in my assumptions of what constitutes anarcho-primitivism, and if so feel free to correct me and point them out.

While anarcho-primitivism is very easy to envision in a historical context, and under the assumption that an overthrow of technology could take place in the modern day, can you show that an anarcho-primitivism would be sustainable? Take into consideration that the earth has a very large population, of which modern technologies are used to provide farming techniques efficient enough to meet the food supply of a large portion of this population.

As I see it, mass starvation would occur, and with that, violent organizations to take over other "tribes" resources and redistribute it amongst themselves. Other "tribes" would likely join together in defensive structures which would eventually lead back to something resembling states and nations, and with it the invariable re-rise of technology.
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LGBT Issues inside Rochester City Schools...

Hello Everyone:

I live in Buffalo, but grew up in Rochester and attended Rochester City Schools from 3rd until 12th grades.
I graduated from Wilson Magnet High School in 1997. Eight years ago, there was no mention of gay people in my high school whatsoever. It was assumed we were not there. I was very much closeted in high school, but when I got to college I became less so. When I found the same situation at Canisius, I started a gay-straight alliance there.

I have been in correspondence with a woman who works inside a city high school and has been experiencing harassment because of the GSA club she started there two years ago. I am sorry to hear that things have not improved (and may have even gotten worse) in the eight years since I’ve been a student in the RCSD.

Please, please please take a few moments to read her story, and to write letters to the D&C/City/Empty Closet regarding this issue… Thanks.

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Name? (an)drew

Age? 23

Are you a student? High school? College? yes

Do you have a job? What kind of work? yes, yes, yes

What strain of anarchism do you follow (anarcho-capitalism, syndicalism, primitivism, etc.)? If you're not an anarchist, are you a minarchist? Undecided, but have anarchist tendencies? syndicalism, strains of materialism and feminism culled from deleuze & guattari, derrida reading nietzsche, etc., but i don't really give a fuck about theory if you can dance the dance

What led you to adopt your current ideology? What did you previously believe? this doesn't answer the question, but: i was active in the iww on the west coast and involved in several organizing drives with them, some very successful, also several other radical groups; i'm a big fan of being liberated from a lot of bourgeois neurotic bullshit and as a result i like doing more creative pro-situ-inspired stuff too.

Are you part of, or do you know of any anarchist groups in Rochester? yes, yes

Are you involved in any local projects, anarchist or otherwise? yes, yes. are you?

Where do you want to go from here? further

Hola anarchists

Thought I'd introduce myself, Dave Bisers. Anyway, I'm currently working as a secretary type person for Sears but have an interview with Monroe County planning department for an entry level position in the very near future. I graduated from RIT with an economics degree. As far as ideology, i might be characterized as an eco-anarchist, but fine distinction suck ass and are overly academic. I'm interested in actually living as an anarchist and forming an intentional community that acts on anarchist principles. I race bicycles and seek to reform our built environment, i.e. our cities and towns into places in which one does not need a car, where community is rich and life is lived at the pace of a pedestrian, not an automobile. Anyway, i'm intested in practical ideas. Adios.
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